Going south for a ride? Tips for transporting your bike:

you will need to have a wheel chock to hold your front wheel I highly recommend a double action one that will hold your tire in a cradle. We sell the Condor products trailer one. http://store.condor-lift.com/

when towing your bike you should be careful on how you use your tie-downs to strap your bike down. You should never tie the bike using the handlebars as they might bend. Always try to get the attachment

points around the fork tubes above the lower triple tree, it is hard to do sometimes especially if your bike has a fairing. To make this easier use a strap called “a tie down extension”. This handy loop strap allows you to get at the tubes easier and keeps the metal hooks and buckles away from the bike. You want to be at a 45 degree angle on the tie-downs and as wide as possible. Compress the front shocks to about 50% so your bike's suspension will still adsorb the bumps while in transport. NEVER leave your bike on a side or centre stand while towing! It will break something due to lack of suspension travel. Now all you need is 2 straps and you are done, but we always put extra sets on in case of failure in one or more of the tie-downs. There is no need to tie the back wheel down as it will follow the front wheel and will not move side to side.

If towing your bike in an open air environment, like the back of your truck, never transport it with a bike cover on it. The flapping of the cover in the wind will mar your paint and even break some things!

If you really want to cover your bike safely, we suggest you clean and wax your bike, then load up and when you have the first two tie-downs on, wrap your bike with shipping film making sure you keep lots of tension on the roll and keep in mind that the wind will open seams t

hat are in the wrong direction. Once you have cocooned your bike with the film then add your back-up tie-downs. I like to put some shipping or duct tape over the film seams to keep it together. As soon as you bring it outside in winter's extreme cold the film will be rock hard and should not flap or hurt your bike.

If you want to fly down south and ship your bike, we recommend Caneda Transport. They will accept your bike here in Calgary and can ship anywhere south in about 10 days. You will need little documentation such as your passport #, itinerary and a detail list of personal items stored in the bike. (no need for a broker)  They have a warehouse near Los Angles that you can ship to and pickup whenever or if you ship elsewhere you need to arrange a place where they can forklift your bike off (like a bike dealer) and you are supposed to be there when it arrives. The boys over at the Calgary warehouse ride as well and ask that you help in the tying of  the bike as they understand that this is your “baby”. A quick price given over the phone without any details revealed about $800.00 will get your bike to Phoenix and $1500.00 if it is a return trip. This might vary for your project. They will give a discount if you ship 3 or more bikes at once. I personally have used these guys and was very happy. As always though, things can happen so make sure your insurance is up to date!

If you need help finding a place to ship your bike to, talk to Rick as he deals with shops all over the continent and can help you get in touch with someone.

Operations Manager:
Rick Trenholm – rickt@caneda.com
4330 46 Ave. S.E.
Calgary, AB T2B 3N7
Telephone: (403) 236-7900 Fax: (403) 236-3914
Toll free: 1-800-661-9184



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