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Does your small pet like to ride? If so, we have the safest, stylish, & most convenient solution!

Place your pet inside, strap it to the bike & you’re ready to take your favorite pet on the safari of a lifetime.
Equipped with more features than you can shake a stick at – A drink holder for you & a food dish holder for your pet.
Also a removable washable faux fur comfort liner, built in leash, two large storage compartments & four mesh windows for viewing & ventilation.


Modeled after the original FlareTM windshield for Baggers, now almost every rider can get all of the same performance and style with bolt-on ease. With patented Klock Werks “hips” on the side and a flip at the top, shields have been wind tunnel designed and tested to produce the same amount of additional down force as original windshield. Real world testing and computer simulation also produced one height that will work for most riders; heights listed are measured from headlight opening to top of shield; all feature a 25″ overall width. All are predrilled for easy mounting using stock windshield mounting hardware.

Made in the U.S.A.


Finally a Motorcycle Communication System that breaks the one mile (1.6 Km) barrier.

The Scala Rider G4 PowerSet redefines the notion of high-end Motorcycle Intercom communication for bikers. For riding with other bikers or between couples riding together, the scala rider G4 PowerSet offers two factory paired scala rider G4 headsets in one package for immediate Motorcycle Intercom use. Encased in a rugged yet streamlined body, the scala rider G4 PowerSet offers Bike-to-Bike Intercom at a remarkable range of up to ONE MILE!

The Scala Rider G4 PowerSet also features unique 4-Way Motorcycle Intercom between two bikers and two passengers or among three separate bikers. Multi-Device Connectivity, including mobile phone, A2DP (Bluetooth stereo), FM radio with RDS, intuitive button controls, wire connectivity to iPod™/MP3 player, and much more, make the PowerSet the world’s most feature-rich communication and entertainment system for bikers.

The Scala Rider G4 PowerSet offers multilingual status announcements allowing bikers to maintain smooth and safe Bluetooth handsfree Motorcycle Intercom communication while on the move. The device transmits useful information regarding connectivity status to other bikers, to your mobile phone and more. The PowerSet system can be installed on virtually all helmets within several minutes before you’re set for a ride. The scala rider G4 PowerSet is truly the most biker friendly Motorcycle Intercom communication system on the market!

The Scala Rider G4 PowerSet is also available with corded microphones to fit the tightest full-faced helmets.


Motorcycle oil coolers for Harley Davidson and Custom V-Twin Motorcycles. UltraCool oil cooler systems are engineered based on the latest cooling system technologies. All motorcycle owners and builders know that maintaining their engine’s oil temperature is essential to increase the life and performance of any engine.

All the motorcycle oil coolers available up until now, only work when it’s not needed and don’t work when the need is greatest. What we mean by this is that when the engine is in prolonged idle, such as traffic situations, there is no air flow through the radiator. That is when cooling the oil is needed most. The only time they cool is when the motorcycle is moving, allowing air flow through the radiator, by then it’s too late.

Ushering a new era of motorcycle oil coolers The UltraCool motorcycle oil cooler works when cooling is needed most. The UltraCool system “CONTROLS” the oil temperature. It maintains the oil temperature within the factory recommended range of 190 degrees to 230 degrees. The cooler does this whether the motorcycle is moving or stuck in traffic. UltraCool products are designed to fit most Harley Davidson and V-Twin engines manufacture from 1999 to today.


This system ROCKS! New 2nd Generation looks, performs, & rocks even better!  No compromise here with the perfectly designed 3″ main speakers with additional tweeters for full bodied sound.  The weatherproof bullet housing has powerful built-in true 50 watt amplifier & includes a volume & on/off control switch.  Convenient swivel adjustment gives you the freedom to position speakers in any direction you choose.  With a full plug & play wiring harness, noise purifier & standard 3.5 mm jack, simply connect your iPod, MP3 player, satellite radio, personal CD player, etc, & ride on.

KY-852 Fits: 1″ Handlebars (set)

KY-851 Fits: 1-1/4″ Handlebars (set)




The world’s first, complete, all-in-one, handlebar-mounted motorcycle audio system!

Features 40 channel CB radio, NOAA weather band radio, rider/passenger intercom and stereo music amplification from any walkman-type music device. Mounts to left handlebar. Connect power harness to bike’s electrical system, install J&M license plate mounted CB antenna (or any other properly tuned CB antenna), plug in J&M helmet headset(s) and you’re good to go (Walkman or MP3 music source is plugged into the system as a separate item). Knobs and controls designed for easy use while riding, even with gloves. Unit is water resistant so no worries being caught in the rain.
Audio performance is superb, even at high speeds – most impressive considering compact size. Includes headset hook-up/electrical wiring harness and handlebar mounting bracket (CB antenna, helmet headsets and headset hook-up cords not included in price).