7985/8016 Longhorn Offset Peg Mounts

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An extended version of our popular WKY-7996. It's 3-1/4" radius gives an incredible 6-1/2" range of adjustment. It's gently curved shape keeps the peg tucked in toward the center line of the bike for maximum comfort. Incorporating an innovative locking device, this mount is guaranteed not to slip.  

Longhorn Offset Peg Mounts (pr) Note:¬†For use with Magnum Quick Clamps only.    

Longhorn Offset Peg Mounts with 1" Magnum Quick Clamp (pr)  

Note: Male Mount Pegs sold separately.

Tech Tips:
When installing any footpeg, footboard or highway peg combination, always verify all fasteners are tight & secure - even those you don't adjust. We also recommend periodically checking to make sure all fasteners remain tight.


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