7454/51/50 7393/92/91/90 LED RING OF FIRE GL1800

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The Chrome "Ring of Fire" Rotor Covers will really take center stage on your GL1800. The beautifully chromed disc brake rotor covers change the plain, unfinished axle retainer, hub & brake rotor into one sleek gleaming unit. In the daylight, they'll shimmer in the sunshine, but night time brings out another dramatic effect. Brilliant, weather resistant amber L.E.D.'s punctuate the slots in the trim ring, while another inboard set of L.E.D.'s reflect on the front wheel setting it ablaze with your choice of color.
If you prefer a more subtle look, the chrome Rotor Covers are available without the L.E.D. lighting effects. Separate Ring of Fire kits are available as an upgrade if you choose to add them at a later time.

PRICES FROM $118.95-$297.95

  Chrome Rotor Covers with L.E.D. Ring of Fire for GL1800  Fits: '01-'10 GL1800 (ex. Airbag Models)

Chrome Rotor Covers with Amber/Red & Blue Ring of Fire (pr) WKY-7454
Chrome Rotor Covers with Amber/Amber Ring of Fire (pr) WKY-7451
  Chrome Rotor Covers Fits: '01-'10 GL1800 (ex. Airbag Models)
Chrome Rotor Covers     (pr) WKY-7450
  L.E.D. Ring of FireShowcases a vibrant amber shine outward with multiple color options shining inward. Fits: '01-'10 GL1800 Models (Installs on Küryakyn or Honda Rotor Covers)
L.E.D. Ring of Fire, Red & Blue Light Shining Inward (pr) WKY-7393
L.E.D. Ring of Fire, Blue & Green Light Shining Inward (pr) WKY-7392
L.E.D. Ring of Fire, Blue Light Shining Inward (pr) WKY-7390


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