02206 Power Plate GL1800

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We designed the Power Plate to allow simple and easy installation of electrical components - it allows for future growth too.  Each unit has 6 individually fused outputs and the entire unit is rated for 30 amps.  The Plate is relay controlled (the relay is easily replaced) - it turns all accessories on and off with the ignition and is connected using 10 gauge wire.  The main power into the relay is fused for additional protection.   Installation of a Power Plate helps to keep extra ring terminals off the battery - if you have had this problem, you know the value of having only one ring terminal to connect.

We include a port for connecting a battery charger.  The connection to the charger is automatically disconnected if the key is turned on - very important as a battery charger can go up to 17 volts and the bikes electrical system cannot handle this high voltage level (serious damage can occur to sensitive computers, relays or even your charger).


Honda GL1800.

Mounts under battery side side-cover.  Does not interfere with covers.


Picture of 02206  Power Plate GL1800

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